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34th Annual WERC Environmental Design Contest

During the 34th annual WERC Environmental Design Contest hosted by New Mexico State University College of Engineering, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo distinguished itself among nearly 100 students from 11 universities. WERC is a collaborative platform for industry, government, and academia to address contemporary environmental challenges across engineering disciplines.

Cal Poly Environmenal Engineering Students at the WERC Contest.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo made a notable presence by sending three teams to the competition. The teams demonstrated remarkable ingenuity amid robust competition and real-world environmental scenarios spanning five distinct topics. Their solutions garnered recognition and reflected their commitment to innovative problem-solving. The teams’ exceptional performance earned them multiple recognitions and awards, including:

The Judges’ Choice for Task 3 – Sodium Sulfate for A Circular Economy – Community-based Solutions (EJ)

Second Place and First Place Bench in Task 4 – Modular Carbon Dioxide Removal for Community Integration (EJ)

Second Place in Flash Talks

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s success in the WERC Environmental Design Contest is a testament to its academic excellence and significant contribution to environmental engineering. Our student’s achievements underscore their dedication to addressing pressing environmental concerns and their ability to provide innovative solutions.

You can learn more about the awards and contests through the link below.

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