Granite Heavy Civil Minor (GHCM)

Granite Heavy Civil Minor (GHCM)


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About GHCM: 

GHCM is an interdisciplinary minor developed by the Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction Management. The minor is designed to prepare Civil Engineering (CE) and Construction Management (CM) students for careers in the heavy civil sector of the engineering and construction industry.  Graduates in this field will help engineers and construct complex projects such as highways, bridges, dams, water treatment facilities, power plants, dams, subways and other large-scale projects. This minor is open for all majors and acceptance to the minor is competitive.

A very special thank you to Granite Construction, Beavers Charitable Trust and Caterpillar Inc. for the generous gifts that made the Granite Heavy Civil Minor possible. 

Why is Heavy Civil Minor a good option to consider? 

  • It supports an integrated design and construction environment. 
  • Market needs: there is a shortage of skills in heavy civil construction. 
  • The industry is in need of qualified engineers and managers in the area of heavy civil construction. 
  • The minor provides you with real-world work experience by integrating classwork with field activities. 
  • GHCM prepares students from both majors to thrive in the growing heavy civil industry.
  • The minor allows students to gain in-depth knowledge of:
    • Heavy Equipment Operations and Safety 
    • Heavy Engineering and Construction Management 
    • Heavy Construction Infrastructure 
    • Temporary Structures 
    • Estimation and Scheduling 

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Heavy Civil Minor Benefits 

  • Experience in heavy civil engineering and construction
  • Integration of classwork and field experience
  • Promising future in the heavy civil industry
  • Access to resources such as new courses, training, site visits, etc. 
  • Guaranteed paid summer internship (3 units) 
  • Students with specialization in heavy civil are on high demand in the construction industry 
  • Can be easily achieved without extending the graduation date 
  • Sole access to classes specifically designed for the heavy civil construction industry
  • Interdisciplinary opportunities between CE and CM students 
  • Collaboration with major heavy civil contractors
  • Scholarships 


An overview of the admission process to GHCM 

  • Open to all CE and CM majors 
  • Admission is competitive and limited to 24 seats (12 CE and 12 CM) 
  • CE Students
    • Take an additional 15 units to achieve the minor (3 units of summer internship; 12 units CM314, CM 232, and CE/CM437)
    • Significant prescribed technical elective requirements (Courses Flow Chart pdf.) 
  • CM Students
    • Take an additional 15 units to achieve the minor (3 units of summer internship; 12 units CE222, CE321, CE/CM436, CE/CM437) 
    • Significant prescribed technical elective requirements (Courses Flow Chart pdf.) 

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  1. New Heavy Civil Engineering/Construction Management Minor Created in Response to Industry Demand
  2. Cal Poly College of Engineering Partners with Granite
  3. Beavers to Participate in Unique CE/CM Hybrid Program



For more information and advising, contact the GHCM Director below.

GHCM Director 

Edward M. Boucher

Phone: 805.756.6129

Cell: 805.471.0717


Office: 21-103A

Cell: 805.471-0717