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Meet our 2023-2024 Scholarship Awardees!

We are thrilled to shine a spotlight on our outstanding Cal Poly Civil and Environmental Engineering scholars who have earned prestigious scholarships this academic year! Each of these students has demonstrated remarkable dedication to their studies, excelling in their respective fields and showcasing the drive and talent that our academic community embodies.

From civil engineering to environmental research, our scholars are paving the way to a bright and innovative future. The scholarships awarded are a testament to their hard work and the promising impact they are set to make in their careers and beyond.

Congratulations to: 

Luke Johnson, Chase Mayer, Nicholas Mackechnie, Drew Larson, Jackson West, Olivia Williams, Richie Frerking, Serena Yeh, Sarah Sakakihara, Max Wessner, Anubhav Dawadi, Megan Lester, Ryan Waters, Zachary Hill, Melia Costa, Honore Preisser, Owen Emerson, Helia Bushong, Evie Netro, Makana Thomas, Isaak Vargas, Juanita Lopez-Mejia, Erin DeAngelis, Diego Albarran, Sugeys Reyes, Luke Stewart, Alejandro Ruezga, Cassie Vass, Kendra Fuller, John Yang, and Garrett Garcia.

We look forward to seeing the incredible things they will achieve with the support of the Gabriel Hurtado Civil Engineering Scholarship, the Constant J. and Dorothy F. Chrones Scholarship, and the many other generous contributions that have recognized their potential.

Here’s to the class of 2023-2024’s scholars!