The CE/ENVE Department has extensive laboratory facilities to support our hands-on approach to engineering education. The laboratories are used for both instruction and student projects, which include independent studies and thesis research.

The Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory supports concrete lab courses, and there is also a Pavement and Advanced Materials Lab for more advanced instruction and research. The Geotechnical Engineering Lab is currently supported by Power Engineering, Inc.  For the Environmental Engineering Program, there is an air pollution measurements laboratory and several wet labs for teaching environmental chemistry classes and supporting environmental engineering research. A relatively new hydraulics laboratory houses lab classes in water resources. 

There are three computer labs which are used primarily for lab classes, but are also available for CE/ENVE student use when no lab class is in session. There is also one computer lab (13-113) which is exclusively for student use outside of class.

Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory 13-121
Air Measurements Laboratory 13-201
Bio-Environmental Engineering Laboratory 13-111
Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory 13-116
Computer-Aided Design Laboratory 192-205
Computer and Senior Design Laboratory 192-208
Computer Laboratory 13-117
Environmental Engineering Chemical Wet-Laboratory 192-209
Environmental Protection Engineering Laboratory 13-114
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory 13-123
Graduate Meeting Room 13-119
Pavement and Advanced Materials Laboratory 13-125
Student Computer Laboratory 13-113
Water Resources Laboratory 192-136