In addition to the existing facilities listed below, the recently constructed 101,000 square foot Engineering IV building has become a new home to several Civil and Environmental Engineering laboratories.

The updated facilities will serve to enhance the curriculum and benefit students who are working on individual research projects. Each one of the labs is outfitted with brand new state-of-the-art equipment. Most of the labs are operational as of spring quarter 2007, while others will be ready in the fall.

The new facilities include:

  • Room 205: a Smart Room equipped with 25 computer workstations.
  • Room 206: the new Advanced Computational Mechanics Laboratory.
  • Room 208: a Smart Room equipped with 40 computer workstations for computer-aided design (CAD).
  • Room 209: a 2,000-square-foot space with 24 workstations. Students will have access a gas chromatograph with mass spectrometer. Other new equipment includes four phase-contrast research-quality microscopes, a calorimeter, centrifuge, and an ultraviolet/visible spectrophotometer.
  • Room 136: the Advanced Water Resources Laboratory equipped with a watershed surface and ground water simulation model, pipe-flow friction analysis unit, pump performance test set, and a groundwater table.
Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory 13-119
Bio-Environmental Engineering Laboratory 13-111
Environmental Engineering Chemical Wet-Laboratory 192-209
Environmental Protection Engineering Laboratory 13-114
Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory 13-123
Hydraulics Laboratory 192-136
Kiewit Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory 13-116
Pavement and Advanced Materials 13-125
Student Computer Lab 13-113
Student Computer Lab #2 13-117