Student advising – a team effort

The faculty and staff of the Civil and Environmental Engineering (CE/ENVE) Department and the staff of the College of Engineering (CENG) Advising Center are available to answer your academic and administrative questions. The CE/ENVE Department offices are located in Building 13, Room 263. The CENG Advising Center is located in Building 40, Room 115, and their website is at

Important forms and information related to the CE and ENVE curriculum planning can be found in the Forms page.

You are strongly encouraged to maintain close contact with an advisor throughout your career at Cal Poly. Advisors answer questions regarding the curriculum, approve study plans, assist with class scheduling, write letters of recommendation, and provide career guidance, among other things. All civil and environmental engineering students are assigned a faculty Academic Advisor. This advisor is a full-time CE/ENVE Department faculty. All of our students should feel free to contact any faculty or staff member with questions.

A Faculty Advisor is assigned to each student. These assignments and Faculty office hours for this quarter can be found on the Faculty Web Page on the Office Hours Sheet link.

Transfer students are encouraged to take CE 204 and CE 207 or their equivalent before their first fall quarter at Cal Poly. This will greatly facilitate completing your BS degree in two years. These courses are usually offered in the summer at Cal Poly and may be available elsewhere.