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What is the SURE! Program?

The overarching goal of our research is to find solutions within the water energy nexus to provide sustainable solutions to renewable energy, wastewater recycling and resource recovery. More specifically, the team has worked on algae based wastewater treatment, algae biofuels, conversion of wastewater solids to energy, potable re-use and dairy wastewater treatment. The work focuses on innovative solutions that will lead to technology adoption within the broader context of the water resource recovery and energy sectors.

Water Environment Federation Award!

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and the City of San Luis Obispo received the 2021 Water Environmental Federation Award for their long running program on water treatment education and research.

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  • Help expand wastewater recycling workforce and develop new sustainability technologies.

SURE!/City of SLO Webinar

Graduate Student Hayley talks about how if it weren’t for this research program, she would not have gone onto doing her masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Watch the video below to get more information on her journey! 


  • Process development
    • Physico-chemical (ozone, AOP with carbon nanotubes)
    • Biological (removal of nutrients, metalloids, toxic substances, anaerobic and fermentation processes)
  • Pilot plant studies and equipment performance comparisons
  • Affordable pre-certification monitoring
  • Life cycle assessments – example:  recycled vs. traditional water
  • Techno-economic analyses of innovative facilities
  • Hands-on preparation of engineers and operators

Past Projects

  • Typically 3-6 simultaneous, multi-year projects
  • $5 million in 5 years from USDOE, CEC, USDA, USEPA, WERF, water districts and companies.


For questions or more information about the SURE! Program, contact Tryg Lundquist (

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Interested in joining?

Water Energy Sustainability Training Team (WESTT) is a hand-on activity course is provided by the Sustainable Utilities Research and Education Program ( Technical elective units may be available.

Apply HERE by June 9th, 2023 

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