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Outstanding Women in Engineering 2024 Award Winners

We are delighted to celebrate the recognition of two outstanding CE/ENVE students by the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). SWE is dedicated to promoting and acknowledging the invaluable contributions of women throughout their career journeys, while also spotlighting the achievements of its members, individuals, allies, and supportive employers who contribute to the advancement of the engineering field. Our heartfelt congratulations go to Corinne Watson and Joselyne Martinez for their remarkable accomplishments within the Civil and Environmental Engineering department.

Meet our CE/ENVE Award Winners

Joselyne Martinez

Joselyne is described by her professors as an exemplary role model, particularly for her transfer peers who, like her, have transferred from community colleges and are eager to excel at Cal Poly. With an impressive Cal Poly GPA of 3.96, she has demonstrated an exceptional academic achievement. Joselyne has actively contributed to campus life by serving as an officer in the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and participating in the Civil Engineering Department Student Advisory Board. Over the past four summers, she has secured outstanding internships, culminating in a full-time offer to continue her invaluable contributions to geotechnical engineering at VTA’s Silicon Valley BART Project upon graduation.

Corinne Watson

In her freshman year at Cal Poly, Corinne embarked on a journey within a university research lab, a voyage she continues to this day. Her focus remains on the development of environmentally sustainable materials featuring nanopores tailored for selective carbon capture. As the lead author, Corinne has contributed to the publication of a peer-reviewed journal paper, showcased her work at prestigious international conferences, and adeptly secured funding crucial to advancing her research endeavors. Her faculty recommender aptly portrays Corinne “As a person who exudes authenticity with grand aspirations, kindness, empathy, and a profound respect for everyone.”