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CE/ENVE Luminary Series: Analise Chiu

Hailing from Fall City, Washington, Analise’s journey into engineering began with a genuine desire to provide clean water access globally. Upon entering Cal Poly’s civil and Environmental Engineering program, her understanding deepened, and so did her commitment to environmental preservation. This evolution has defined Analise’s journey as a student, igniting her passion for ecological restoration and environmental engineering.

Post-graduation, Analise aspires to merge habitat restoration with environmental engineering, envisioning a career dedicated to riparian zone conservation. She believes engineering’s paramount impact revolves around water accessibility—a transformative endeavor with profound global implications.

Beyond academia, the Mustang Band community has been a cornerstone of her college experience, offering invaluable support and camaraderie. As a band enthusiast, she relishes their tight-knit ensemble’s spirited performances and the sense of belonging. In the symphony of her collegiate years, engineering and environmental stewardship harmonize to compose a future where innovation sustains our planet’s vitality. 

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