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Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Awards Dinner

Last week, on May 2nd, 2024, the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) hosted its annual dinner, a vibrant celebration honoring the remarkable individuals receiving scholarships and awards. Taking place in the scenic Building 13 Courtyard, the evening unfolded with live musical performances and catering courtesy of Haute Skillet Catering. Surrounded by an atmosphere full of warmth and camaraderie, faculty, staff, and cherished guests gathered to recognize the outstanding achievements of the award recipients in the realms of civil and environmental engineering. 

The IAB’s commitment to excellence was palpable as they recognized 17 individuals whose unwavering dedication, innovation, and talent have left a permanent mark on their respective fields. Among these individuals, two stood out as recipients of the prestigious Young Engineer of the Year Award

Austin Davis, praised for his contributions to civil engineering, has navigated a remarkable journey at Ashley Vance Engineering, where his proficiency in structural engineering has flourished over a decade, leading to the establishment of his own satellite office in Palm Springs. 

Meanwhile, Heather Freed, a trailblazer in environmental engineering, has emerged as a driving force at Water Systems Consulting (WSC). Her leadership in spearheading intricate water planning projects, including the City of Fresno Metropolitan Water Resources Plan and Calleguas Municipal Water Districts Water Resources Implementation Strategy, has earned her widespread acclaim. Beyond her contributions to WSC’s clientele, Heather shares her wisdom as a lecturer at Cal Poly, teaching aspiring engineers about GIS and its applications in civil engineering.

Austin Davis receiving his award for Young Civil Engineer of the Year.
Heather Freed receiving her award for Young Environmental Engineer of the Year.

The achievements of these individuals clearly exemplify Cal Poly’s “learn by doing” philosophy and stand as a testament to their potential. We are inspired by their excellence and commitment to shaping a brighter future through their intelligence and passion.

Student Award Recipients:

Rollo and Ridley Inc. Geotechnical Engineering Award: Zaki Katibah

Ed Sullivan Memorial Award: Gabriel Denson

Industrial Advisory Board Advancement Award: Leonardo Juarez,  Sarah Sakakihara

Partner’s Excellence Award: Ryan Bicocca, Kelly Chew, Anubhav Dawadi, Austin Gauerke, Nicholas Mackechnie, Gavin Plume

Hal and Judy Cota Award: Mary Norman, Ramy Wahba, Corinne Watson

O’Connor Engineering Scholarship: Molly Foster, Mazen Idriss