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Pacific Southwest ASCE Student Symposium Results

Last week, the Cal Poly Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (Cal Poly SCE) showcased exceptional prowess and dedication at the Pacific Southwest Symposium (PSWS) hosted by the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Nearly 100 students from Cal Poly SLO participated in this prestigious event, marking a remarkable display of academic excellence and teamwork. The culmination of their efforts resulted in Cal Poly SLO securing the first-place position overall, an accomplishment that speaks volumes about the caliber of talent and commitment within the institution.

Concrete Canoe rowing out in a test run.

The triumph of Cal Poly SCE at PSWS is not a run-of-the-mill victory, but a testament to the chapter’s unique approach to civil engineering. The Concrete Canoe team from Cal Poly SLO, for instance, didn’t just win, they revolutionized the concept of a canoe with their innovative engineering and meticulous craftsmanship. Similarly, in the Timber Design-Build category, Cal Poly SCE’s performance was exemplary, underscoring their proficiency in structural design and construction.

The Sustainable Solutions team from Cal Poly SLO also emerged victorious, claiming the first-place spot, showcasing the chapter’s commitment to environmentally conscious engineering practices. Additionally, the Technical Paper and Prestressed Concrete Beam teams demonstrated commendable expertise by securing the second and first positions, further solidifying Cal Poly SCE’s standing as a leader in civil engineering education and research.

Cal Poly SCE volunteers at a Lo'i Patch during their visit.
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The Steel Bridge Team installing their design at SWPS.

Cal Poly SCE’s achievements at PSWS are not just about winning, but about upholding the values and principles that the chapter stands for. While celebrating their victories, the members of Cal Poly SCE also exemplified the spirit of service by volunteering at a Lo’i Patch during their time in Hawaii. This dedication to community engagement is a testament to the chapter’s holistic approach to engineering education, emphasizing not only technical prowess but also social responsibility and ethical leadership.

Despite fierce competition, Cal Poly SCE showcased resilience and ingenuity across all fronts, with notable performances in Surveying, Environmental, and Transportation categories, securing second and fifth positions respectively. Even in categories where the competition was stiff, such as GeoWall, the chapter’s commitment to excellence was evident, earning them a respectable seventh place.

The success of Cal Poly SCE at PSWS is a testament to the collaborative efforts of its members, faculty advisors, and the institution’s unwavering support for experiential learning and academic excellence. Through their achievements, the students have not only brought honor to Cal Poly SLO but have also demonstrated the potential of young engineers to address real-world challenges with creativity and expertise.

Cal Poly SCE’s stellar performance at the Pacific Southwest Symposium exemplifies the chapter’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and service. As they continue to inspire and lead in the field of civil engineering, their achievements serve as a testament to the transformative power of education and the boundless potential of future engineers.

Cal Poly's CE/ENVE design-build team.

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