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Civil and Environmental Engineering Commencement 2024

On Saturday, June 15th, 2024, the culmination of years of dedication and hard work was celebrated at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Commencement. The day was filled with a sense of achievement and celebration as graduates, displaying their academic regalia, gathered with their families, friends, and faculty members to commemorate this significant milestone. In the Building 13 Courtyard, the Graduate Program ceremony celebrated the academic and professional accomplishments of those who have pushed the boundaries of civil and environmental engineering through their advanced studies and research. Also hosted in the Building 13 Courtyard, the Environmental Engineering ceremony highlighted the achievements of students dedicated to tackling pressing environmental challenges and making a positive impact on our planet. On O’Neil Green, the Civil Engineering ceremony recognized the hard work of students committed to shaping the physical world around us in the face of growing urban and environmental demands.

Congratulations to all the graduates of the Class of 2024! Your journey through rigorous coursework, hands-on projects, and intense research has led you to this moment. The skills and knowledge you have gained will serve as the foundation for your future successes. The faculty and staff extend their deepest congratulations and best wishes for your future endeavors. Congratulations, graduates! Here’s to your bright and promising future!