Faculty Directory

The civil and environmental engineering faculty and staff are committed to providing a quality education for the department's undergraduate and graduate students. Faculty members have received numerous teaching and research awards including the College of Engineering Excellence in Teaching and Applied Research Award, the Society of Women Engineers Most Supportive Professor Award, the College of Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award, and the Cal Poly Distinguished Teaching Award (the University's highest teaching honor).

The civil and environmental engineering faculty team is comprised of tenured and tenure-track faculty and part-time lecturers. All of the tenured and tenure-track faculty have doctorate degrees in civil or environmental engineering, or closely related fields. An overwhelming majority of these faculty members are registered Professional Engineers in California. All of the faculty have some level of practical experience in government or industry.  Our lecturers are typically practicing engineers and are valued for bringing their practical experience into the classroom.

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Yarrow Nelson - Department Chair - Professor ynelson@calpoly.edu 13-266
Mladen Bandov - Lecturer mbandov@calpoly.edu 13-209
Hal Cota - Professor Emeritus hcota@calpoly.edu
Tryg Lundquist - Professor tlundqui@calpoly.edu 13-211
Rebekah Oulton - Assistant Professor roulton@calpoly.edu 13-215
Nirupam Pal - Professor npal@calpoly.edu 13-207
Tracy Thatcher - Professor tthatche@calpoly.edu 13-271
Sam Vigil - Professor Emeritus svigil@calpoly.edu 13-209


Nephi Derbidge - Lecturer nderbidg@calpoly.edu 13-213
Gregg Fiegel - Professor gfiegel@calpoly.edu 13-262
Jim Hanson - Professor (on leave 2016/17) jahanson@calpoly.edu 13-258
Judd King - Lecturer jking35@calpoly.edu 13-227
Robb Moss - Professor rmoss@calpoly.edu 13-217
Kelly Robinson - Lecturer knelson@calpoly.edu 13-227


Charles Chadwell - Associate Chair, CE - Professor chadwell@calpoly.edu 13-266 into 270
Kevin Devaney - Lecturer kdevaney@calpoly.edu 13-233
Mario Esola - Lecturer mesola@calpoly.edu 13-219
Rakesh Goel - Associate Dean, College of Engineering rgoel@calpoly.edu 192-305
Andy Guyader - Lecturer aguyader@calpoly.edu 13-219
Garrett Hall - Professor gjhall@calpoly.edu 192-128
David Houghton - Lecturer djhought@calpoly.edu 13-219
Dan Jansen - Professor djansen@calpoly.edu 13-222
Damian Kachlakev - Professor dkachlak@calpoly.edu 192-127
Eric Kasper - Professor ekasper@calpoly.edu 192-129
Bing Qu - Associate Professor bqu@calpoly.edu 13-206


David Beard - Lecturer dbeard@calpoly.edu 13-266
Alypios Chatziioanou - Professor achatzii@calpoly.edu 13-220
Curtis Gubler - Lecturer cgubler@calpoly.edu 13-266
Eugene Jud - Lecturer Emeritus ejud@calpoly.edu 04-03
Billy Leu - Lecturer bleu@calpoly.edu 13-266
Kimberley Mastako - Lecturer kmastako@calpoly.edu 04-05
Anurag Pande - Associate Professor apande@calpoly.edu 13-212
Ashraf Rahim - Professor arahim@calpoly.edu 13-225
Paul Valadao - Lecturer pvaladao@calpoly.edu 13-220

Water Resources

Kurt Lo - Professor Emeritus klo@calpoly.edu
Misgana Muleta - Associate Professor mmuleta@calpoly.edu 13-214
Rebekah Oulton - Assistant Professor 13-215
Shikha Rahman - Professor rahman@calpoly.edu 13-208

Adjunct Faculty

Ralph Schell - Lecturer rschell@calpoly.edu 13-209
Daniel See - Lecturer dsee@calpoly.edu 92M-B109
Wesley Thompson - Lecturer wthompso@calpoly.edu 92M-B109
Charles Weir - Lecturer cweir@calpoly.edu 92M-B109

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Jason Au - Teaching Associate jwau@calpoly.edu 13-202
Jennifer Briggs - Teaching Associate jrbriggs@calpoly.edu 13-210
Kevin Chau - Teaching Associate kchau02@calpoly.edu 13-202
Elizabeth Coffey - Teaching Associate eacoffey@calpoly.edu 13-202
Nathan Hanson - Teaching Associate nthanson@calpoly.edu OH in 192-136
Ashruf Khan - Teaching Associate aikhan@calpoly.edu OH in 192-136
Kevin Phan - Teaching Associate kphan02@calpoly.edu 13-202
Michael Rumery - Teaching Associate mrumery@calpoly.edu 13-210
Jason Saleh - Teaching Associate ajsaleh@calpoly.edu 13-210
Scott Smith - Teaching Associate ssmith107@calpoly.edu OH in 192-136

Research Scholars

Amro El Badawy - Research Scholar and Lecturer aelbadaw@calpoly.edu 13-108A
Aleksandra Wydzga - Research Scholar awydzga@calpoly.edu 13-266
Nazli Yesiller - Research Scholar and Co-Director of the Global Waste Research Institute nyesille@calpoly.edu 21-241