The CE/ENVE Department has extensive laboratory facilities to support our hands-on approach to engineering education. The laboratories are used for both instruction and student projects, which include independent studies and thesis research.

There are three computer labs (13-118, 192-205, 192-208) which are used primarily for lab classes but are available for CE/ENVE student use when no lab class is in session. 

Advanced Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory 13-121
Hal Cota Air Measurements Laboratory 13-201
Bio-Environmental Engineering Laboratory 13-111
Clark Pacific Civil Engineering Materials Laboratory 13-116
Computer-Aided Design Laboratory 192-205
Computer and Senior Design Laboratory 192-208
Computer Laboratory 13-118
Environmental Engineering Chemical Wet Laboratory 192-209
Chevron Environmental Protection Engineering Laboratory 13-114
Power Engineering Construction Co. Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory 13-123
Graduate Meeting Room 13-119
Pavement and Advanced Materials Laboratory 13-125
Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technologies Laboratory 13-113
Cannon Corporation Water Resources Laboratory 192-136


Open Lab Hours

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