Where Does the Money Go?

Money that comes in through the Industrial Partnership Program is dispersed as follows:

  • 33% to the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering to cover overhead, laboratory upgrades, and department improvement projects.  
  • Graphic showing apportioning of student fund67% to a fund managed by an elected student oversight committee.  
    This group of CE/ENVE student leaders, elected by CE/ENVE students, solicit student/faculty proposals for funding.  Funding is determined by an adopted rubric that considers the number of benefited students, the longevity of the benefit, growth in student club/activity, and the quality of the application/presentation.  Funded projects have included: student travel for competitions/conferences, graduate student research projects, students in need, undergraduate research, student field trips, and student conference registration fees. In addition, the fund supports club activities through a solicitation process.

The CE/ENVE student clubs and project teams are listed below: 

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