Virtual Quarter Resources

Our faculty and staff are working diligently to make this quarter as normal as possible. We've compiled resources to make sure you are successful. 

Campus Resources

Accessing Lab Programs and Software from Home

Access programs and software from our lab computers using CE-ENVE Desktops! More information:

Department Forms

All forms are available digitally.



Clubs and IRAS

Since students will not be allowed to return to campus, we encourage clubs/IRAs to use Zoom and other resources to meet or collaborate. The College of Engineering is looking into providing Canvas shells for club/IRA use. They will provide updates soon.

The entire campus has been asked to not spend.  Period.  This includes the IRA funded clubs.  As of 3/25/2020, please do not spend any funds out of your IRA.  

For those of you who have been holding onto receipts and need to submit a reimbursement, please send Wynette WInkler ( an email with receipt attachments and credit card statement (if your receipt does not include the last four digits of your credit card # and your name on the receipt) and what club you need to be reimbursed from.  If I come across a receipt dated later than 3/25/20, 5pm, we won't be able to reimburse you.

Weekly Department Email

Every Monday, our department sends an email to your Cal Poly email address with important updates. If you did not receive these last quarter, please email us

Contacting our Department

Send us an email to and we will point you in the right direction.

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