Virtual Open House 2021

Saturday, April 10 | Department General Info Sessions

Civil Engineering General Info Session

Learn about our department and the many opportunities that await you. Department head Dr. Charles Chadwell led the information session to introduce the Civil Engineering program at Cal Poly. Students receive chances to explore different areas of Civil Engineering, connect with our various corporate partners, and partake in a unique Senior Capstone project.

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Environmental Engineering General Info Session

Learn about our department and the many opportunities that await you. Dr. Tracy Thatcher led the information session to discuss the Environmental Engineering program at Cal Poly. ENVE majors learn to create a more sustainable world in Learn By Doing focused classes, research opportunities, and student competitions.

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Sunday, April 11 | Student Club Showcase

Student clubs and organizations are an integral part of our department curriculum and give our students unique, hands-on opportunities to become successful and resourceful professionals in their fields.


CalGeoCalGeo/GeoWall (For students interested in Geotechnical Engineering)

Cal Poly Cal Geo (CPCG) is a student branch of the CalGeo professional organization. CPCG provides students with the professional and social resources to success in the geotechnical engineering industry. CPCG's project team, GeoWall, is an regional and national award-winning project team who competes to design and build a retaining wall using the least mass of reinforcement to hold back 600 pounds of backfill. Cal Poly Cal Geo and GeoWall are open to students of all skill levels and interests

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Concrete CanoeConcrete Canoe (For students interested in Civil and Environmental Engineering)

The Cal Poly concrete canoe team gives students an opportunity to get hands-on construction experience, perform structural analysis, and utilize computer modeling programs. Every year, the team designs and fabricates a canoe made entirely out of concrete to be judged at the Regional and National competitions. Final scoring is based off the final product, design paper, paddling races, and oral presentations.

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Engineers Without BordersEngineers Without Borders (For students interested in Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Engineers Without Borders Cal Poly is a non-profit, student-driven organization established to support community-driven development programs worldwide through partnerships that design and implement sustainable engineering projects while cultivating transformative experiences that enrich global perspectives and create responsible leaders. EWB Cal Poly currently partners with communities in Fiji, Thailand, Nicaragua, Malawi, and the local SLO area.

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ITEITE (For students interested in Transportation Engineering)

ITE is an organization dedicated to connecting and educating transportation professionals. The Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student chapter aims to connect students with peers and professionals, to explore the opportunities within the field, and to make a lasting and meaningful impact on the community and profession. They hold information sessions with firms and agencies, tour project sites, attend professional conferences, hold social events, coordinate professional development opportunities, volunteer with different organizations, and explore the infinite opportunities of transportation engineering and planning!

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RainworksRainworks (For students interested in Water Resources Engineering)

RainWorks is a multi-disciplinary club dedicated to educating students about water resources engineering. Their goal is to offer further opportunities for students to learn about all the disciplines of water resources, get involved in their local community, and form connections with professionals in the water industry. As participants of the annual EPA Campus RainWorks Challenge, Rainworks specializes in stormwater management techniques and low impact development. Their multidisciplinary project teams are a great way to exercise Cal Poly's Learn by Doing motto and are open to all ages and skill levels.

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Society of Civil EngineersSociety for Civil Engineers (For students interested in Civil Engineering)

SCE is the San Luis Obispo Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. SCE is a club that focuses on promoting personal, professional, and scholastic development with academic and social events such as: general meetings, career fairs, mentorship pairings, elementary school volunteering, hiking, camping and so much more! SCE is also the home to two major project teams, Concrete Canoe and Steel Bridge, which provide members with opportunities for hands-on experiences.

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SENVE Conference 2019Society of Environmental Engineers (For students interested in Environmental Engineering)

SENVE is the professional organization for Environmental Engineering majors at Cal Poly. We host biweekly meetings where industry professionals come to speak about the opportunities available to ENVEs after graduation. We participate in social events like quarterly camping trips, an annual snow trip, SENVE Thanksgiving. Also, we organize a mentor/mentee program and try to give back to the community through our outreach events. SENVE is ultimately a community on campus where students feel seen and can make connections to help them throughout their time in college and after graduation.


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Steel BridgeSteel Bridge (For students interested in Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Steel Bridge is a yearly-student-run project team that designs, fabricates and constructs a 1:10 scale size bridge composed of steel. Students practice constructing and deconstructing the steel bridge as fast as possible to compete at regional and national level competitions hosted by the American Institute of Steel Construction. Steel Bridge not only prides itself with top-ranking results but also in being a club where all technical and hands-on skills are taught by the students. Steel Bridge greatly advocates for team bonding, personal and professional growth and leadership while having fun. Watch this video to see the Steel Bridge process.

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