Undergraduate Students

Advanced Technical Electives (and Approved Science Electives)

CE Senior Thrust Areas

Each CE student is required to take 24 units of ATE (Approved Technical Electives). These electives can be any CE/ENVE 400/500 level coursework (not required as part of the major), some CE/ENVE 300 level coursework, or any one of a list of pre-approved elective options from outside CE/ENVE. This freedom in the CE program allows students to specialize in a particular area (or two or three…) or develop a little deeper in all areas. Please consider your choices in the context of graduate school, the area in which you would like to practice, or the breadth of knowledge you would like to attain. Below are links to each specialization area to consider as you plan your Senior Year.

NOTE: You may mix and match ATE’s in any way you like that works best for
you and your schedule, and we encourage you to seek faculty advising to help map our your final choices.

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