The Civil and Environmental Engineering department is dedicated to supporting our transfer students. On this page, you will find resources to help with your transition into our program.    

If you are interested in coming to Cal Poly as a transfer student in CE, make sure you have taken Statics AND Mechanics of Materials.  Mechanics of Materials is typically not offered at most California Community Colleges; however, Cuesta College of San Luis Obispo does offer a summer online course.  Starting in the Fall, 2018, we will have a fast track mechanics sequence (CE 208).  You will learn more about this during Transfer Days.            

2017-19 Transfer Flowcharts

ENVE Transfer Flowchart - 2 Years ENVE Transfer Flowcharts - 3 years
ENVE Transfer - 2 Years (PDF) ENVE Transfer - 3 Years (PDF)
CE Transfer Flowchart - 2 years CE Transfer flowchart - 3 years
CE Transfer - 2 Years (PDF) CE Transfer - 3 Years (PDF)

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