Cal Poly Students: Back On Campus!

After a year of being fully online, Cal Poly Mustangs were ready to dive back into their first quarter fully in-person. While the transition for many was long and difficult, others thought being back on campus was both exciting and familiar.

Hanna Lazkani, a fourth-year Civil Engineering major, will be working full-time as a Civil Engineering graduate at Jacobs starting the fall of 2022. Her journey as a woman in STEM hasn’t been easy, but she is grateful that the CE/ENVE program has provided her with several disciplines that offer her room to discover what interests her and what could be her potential career. 

“The difficulties lie in comparing yourself to others, seeing more men than women in your classes, or having to work harder just to prove yourself. However, that was never a deterrent for me to want to be in the field. While these things can be discouraging, the benefits are so much more valuable.”-Hanna Lazkani

On the other side of the stick, is Gurtaj Khera, a second-year Civil Engineering major. As this is his first year on campus, Gurtaj describes his experience as “exciting and a little nerve-racking.” His favorite part of the CE/ENVE program has been some of the labs he’s participated in. He enjoys using the equipment to learn about how they are used in the engineering field today for infrastructure projects and tasks. For the next two years, Gurtaj’s goal is to become involved as much as he can in the clubs and organizations he is in, and hopefully rise into a leadership role in the future.

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