Students Awarded CEENVE Industrial Advisory Board Professional Advancement Award

Civil and Environmental Engineering students Emily Miller and Delaney Nelson were awarded the Civil and Environmental Engineering Industrial Advisory Board Professional Advancement Award at the Spring Industrial Advisory Board meeting on May 4th. The award is given every year to students in the department who are making significant strides towards their career goals.Industrial Advisory Board

The CEENVE Industrial Advisory Board Professional Advancement Award was created to help prepare students for professional advancement by rewarding students who have demonstrated a commitment to their career goals through campus involvement. 13 students from both civil and environmental engineering were nominated for this year’s award. Emily and Delaney received $1,000 scholarships to help with future career endeavors.

Emily is a 4th year environmental engineering student and an officer for the Society of Environmental Engineers and student chair for the Student Funds Initiative. Emily helped plan the SENVE career fair and did undergraduate research with both Dr. Ludquist and Dr. Oulton.

“It was an honor to hear I was nominated for the award and even more so to win. I was up against very intelligent, hardworking students who have all been very involved in the department,” said Emily.

Delaney is a graduate civil engineering student and president of the Rainworks club, which allows students to get involved in environmental and water resources design competitions. She is grateful for the preparation the department has provided her.

“It is wonderful to have a department that supports its students and provides them with opportunities to get involved,” said Delaney.

The CEENVE Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) Professional Advancement awards were presented during the department’s bi-annual Industrial Advisory Board meeting. The IAB consists of 30 environmental and civil engineering professionals who provide industry insight to the department. 50 faculty, staff and students attended the IAB meeting at the Monday Club.

Ken Lindberg, a 1979 Civil Engineering Cal Poly graduate and past IAB president, explained that the meetings are beneficial to both the school and the students.

“We [members] have all been there and been successful so we know what works and what to do for them to be successful too,” said Ken Lindberg, 16-year IAB member and co-founder of Power Engineering Construction Co.


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