International Environmental Design Competition

Advisor: Dr. Tracy Thatcher
Students: Tyler Dery and Andrew Kaneda

Picture of International Environmental Design Competition

The International Environmental Design Competition, previously known as WERC, is an annual competition hosted by New Mexico State University focusing on water and energy usage in industry. Cal Poly’s Society of Environmental Engineers participates in this competition with one to three teams of 5 or more students. Teams are to choose one of the 6 tasks that New Mexico State University offers, all of which relate to current environmental challenges. The competition exemplifies the Cal Poly “Learn by Doing” motto: students are to research a solution to their task, build and test a bench scale model, write a formal report, and present the project to a panel of industry judges. The competition cultivates professionalism and the opportunity to network with industry professionals, and offers internship opportunities for participants. The teams this year are comprised of 1st year students to seniors, offering the prospect of mentorship and shared experiences amongst the team members. The Cal Poly WERC team has seen great success in previous years, taking 1st and 2nd place; the Intel Innovation Award; and the Federal Bureau of Reclamation purchased project.

This year’s teams are pursuing three different tasks: Removal of Methanol from Wastewater in the International Space Station, Design of a pilot-scale Direct Potable Reuse system, and treatment of urine for forward operating bases.

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