Projects Directory

Seismic Design in Nepal

Advisor: Dr. Rob Moss
Students: Briar Goldwynn

Briar Goldwynn has been working with Dr. Rob Moss to create an educational module to teach grade school children about seismic structural design education. She has been testing it at local grade schools in preparation for implementation in Nepal.

Liquefaction Debris Flow Failure in Chile

Advisor: Dr. Rob Moss
Students: Tristan Gebhart

Tristan Gebhart just finished a project studying the earthquake in Chile in 2010 that lead to several deaths.

Sensitive Clay

Advisor: Dr. Rob Moss
Students: Jesse Morales

Dr. Rob Moss recently went to Nepal to investigate the soil deformation that followed the 2015 earthquake.

Fremont Hall Landslide

Advisor: Dr. Rob Moss
Students: Jonathan Owen

In February, 2017 a massive landslide occured behind the red brick dormitories on campus, displacing many students from their residence halls for the remainder of the 2016-17 school year. Our geotechnical engineers are researching this site.

Steel Bridge

Advisor: Eric Kasper
Students: Michael Clark

Every year team members work together to plan, design, fabricate, and construct a one-tenth scale model steel bridge to compete at the Pacific Southwest Conference and the National Student Steel Bridge Competition.

International Environmental Design Competition

Advisor: Dr. Tracy Thatcher
Students: Tyler Dery and Andrew Kaneda

The International Environmental Design Competition, previously known as WERC, is an annual competition hosted by New Mexico State University focusing on water and energy usage in industry.

Concrete Canoe

Advisor: Dr. Garrett Hall
Students: Project Manager: Brandon Friedman - Construction: Hailey Bond, Jacky Loh, Royston Chan, Eleni Korogianos, Jason Johnson - Mix Design: Kyle Aube, Amy Xu, Mason Breipohl, Michael Romano

Concrete canoe is a unique opportunity that allows students to gain practical, handsā€on project experience, helping them to become a better engineer.

Solar Desalination

Advisor: Dr. Rebekah Oulton
Students: Nick Skouras

A graduate project focused on studying solar distillation as a reliable and sustainable method to recycle freshwater from wastewater sources like seawater and agricultural run-off.

CE/ENVE Prof. Robb Moss Consulted on Oroville Spillway Collapse

Advisor: Dr. Robb Moss
Students: -

The collapse of the Oroville Spillway was big news during the high rainfall this past year. CE/ENVE Professor Robb Moss was consulted on this collapse. His conclusions on the implications of the collapse were quoted in a video and article by the Sacramento Bee.


Engineers Without Borders - Nicaragua Project

Advisor: Shawna Von Stockhausen
Students: Actively Seeking Students for Project

Cal Poly Engineers Without Borders set out to improve conditions in Nueva Vida, where most of the 12,000 residents are refugees from Hurricane Mitch, and unemployment is near 80%.