MS in Engineering, Specializing in Water Engineering

General Characteristics

An Masters of Science with a specialization in Water Engineering is available to civil, environmental, and agricultural engineering students. The program of study includes water, water transmission, water treatment, and water management courses that are offered through the BRAE and CEENVE departments. This degree program is administered and advised by the BRAE department and questions should be directed to Dr. Daniel Howes.

Core Courses – 9 Units

To be selected with approval of the graduate committee
Analytical methods for engineering (6 units that may be included in Required Courses)
Advanced Mathematics (3)

Required Courses in Specialization- 29 Units

ECON 410 Public Fin. & Cost-Benefit Analysis (4)
BRAE 414 Irrigation System Design (4)

BRAE 532 Water Wells and Pumps (4)
BRAE 533 Irrigation Project Design (4)
CE 533 Advanced Water Resources Engineering (4)
BRAE 599/CE 599 (Thesis - 9 units) or 9 units of coursework approved by committee, and written comprehensive exams.

Approved Electives - 7-13 Units

To be selected from the following list with committee's approval:
BRAE 405 Chemigation (4)
BRAE 435 Drainage (3)
BRAE 440 Agricultural Irrigation Systems (4)
CE 434 Groundwater Hydraulics and Hydrology (3)

CE 435 Engineering Hydrology (4)
CE 440 Hydraulic Systems Engineering (3)

CE 535 Water Resources Systems Planning (4)

CE 536 Computer Applications in Water Res w/GIS

CE 573 Public Works Administration (3)
CM 533 Case Histories Construction Management (3)
ENVE 438 Water and Wastewater Treatment Des (3)
ENVE 439 Solid Waste Management (3)
ENVE 535 Advanced Wastewater Treatment

Total: 45 Units