MCRP/MS in Transportation Planning

MCRP/MS in Engineering, Specializing in Transportation Planning

The Transportation Planning Specialization is a joint interdisciplinary program between the College of Engineering and the College of Architecture and Environmental Design. Participation in the program requires enrollment in both Colleges. Participants successfully completing the program will be awarded both the M.C.R.P. and the M.S. in Engineering, each with a Specialization in Transportation Planning.

College of Engineering
Engineering Bldg. (13), Room 266
(805) 756-2131

College of Architecture and Environmental Design
Architecture and Environmental Design Bldg. (05), Room 212
(805) 756-1321

Major Objectives

  • To provide an interdisciplinary graduate program which combines elements of transportation planning with city and regional planning to address a need for professionals who have a command of both the technology of transportation planning and the place of transportation within the urban environment. The required master's project is intended to allow the students a period of directed study that will allow them to integrate their work and to apply this to special areas of their choosing.
  • To provide planners with courses essential to understanding the technologies of transportation planning. To provide engineers with a broad background in urban studies and a knowledge of contemporary environmental issues.
  • To take advantage of the backgrounds of program participants. The graduate students of both sponsoring departments include both mature professionals returning for advanced degrees and recent graduates with a diversity of specializations.


Applicants must have satisfactorily completed courses that cover the following or equivalent subject areas:

CE 221 Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering
CE 381 Geotechnical Engineering or GEOL 201 Physical Geology
CSC 231 Fortran for Engineering Students
ECON 211 Principles of Economics
ENGL 218 Professional Writing: Argumentation & Reports
MATH 143 Calculus
PHYS 131 General Physics
SPC 201 Public Speaking
STAT 321 Statistical Analysis

Expectations From Applicants:

  • Have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college
  • Have attained a grade point average of 3.0 in last 90 units of undergraduate work
  • Provide results of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Aptitude Test to the Admissions Committee
  • Give indications of motivation, maturity, and high standards of academic involvement through work and references (three letters required) and submission of a project or paper demonstrating writing ability
  • Provide a statement (maximum of 300 words) addressing their understanding of and areas of interest in planning, career objectives, and educational objectives

Applicants lacking prerequisites or other background requirements for classified standing may be admitted on a conditionally classified basis, depending on the results of an individual analysis of their applications.

Core Courses - 68 Units

CE 523 Transportation System Planning (4)
CE 528 Transportation Analysis or
CE 525 Airport Planning and Design (4)
CE 571 Selected Advanced Laboratory (3)
CE 574 Computer Applications in C.E. (3)
CE 591 Graduate Seminar (2)
CE 599 or CRP 599 Project /Thesis (2,2,2)
CRP 409 Planning Internship (2)
CRP 420 Planning Law (4)
CRP 435 Transportation Theory (3)
CRP 501 Foundations of Cities and Planning (4)
CRP 510 Planning Theory (4)
CRP 513 Planning Research Methods (4)
CRP 515 Presentation and Communication Techniques for Planners (3)
CRP 516 Quantitative Methods in Planning (4)
CRP 518 Policy Analysis for Planners (4)
CRP 525 Plan Implementation (4)
CRP 530 Planning Agency Management (3)
CRP 552 Urban Planning Laboratory (4)
CSC, MATH, STAT or other approved quantitative methods course (3)

Emphasis Area (select one of the following) - 14 Units

Urban Land Planning Emphasis
CRP 520 Feasibility Studies in Planning (4)
CRP 548 Principles of City Design (3)
CRP 553 Project Planning Laboratory (4)
Urban Land Planning electives (4)
Regional and Environmental Planning Emphasis
CRP 404 Environmental Law (3)
CRP 545 Environmental Planning, Policies & Principles (4)
CRP 554 Regional Planning and Analysis (4)
Regional and Environmental Planning electives (3)

Approved CE/EENVE Electives - 8 Units

CE 422, 424, 522, 525, 527, 528, 529, 573
ENVE 411, 465

Total: 90 Units