Professor Robb Moss Publishes Textbook

Robb Moss is a civil engineering professor at Cal Poly with specialties in geotechnical engineering. In July 2019, Moss’s “2nd Edition of Applied Civil Engineering Risk Analysis” was published by Springer.  

Robb Moss's 2nd Edition of Applied Civil Engineering Risk Analysis“This is a senior/grad-level text that introduces students to probability of failure analysis for components and/or systems, and other conceptual and mathematical tools to help solve engineering problems and to quantify the risk  These concepts can be applied to a wide range of engineering problems in both Civil and Environmental Engineering.  The texts uses many examples to demonstrate the utility of quantifying uncertainty and propagating that uncertainty through any engineering problem.  Solutions are provided analytically as well as computationally using MatLab and R,” Moss wrote. 

Moss earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from North Carolina State University, Raleigh in 1995. He then studied geotechnical engineering, earning a master’s degree from Utah State University, Logan in 1997 and a doctorate from UC Berkeley in 2003.  Professor Robb Moss has taught at Cal Poly since January 2006

Moss started teaching at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in January 2006 and is coming up on his 14th year as a professor.  


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