Notable SURP Projects 2020

Civil engineering students received special recognition for their projects in the Mechanical/Materials/Industrial/Civil session of the 2020 SURP Symposium. Judges selected two "Notable Projects" within each session that they felt stood out among an already outstanding collection of work. 

Civil engineering seniors Robert Sprotte and Andrea Leal were recognized for their SURP project that explored drone applications in the construction industry. They selected two potential drone uses that can improve worker safety and optimize construction work as their focus. Sprotte and Leal worked with civil engineering professor Hani Alzraiee. 


The project sought practical applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for the construction industry.


Civil engineering seniors Robert Sprotte and Andrea Leal with faculty advisor Hani Alzraiee.


Civil engineering senior William Andrews was recognized for his "Evaluation of Cost-effective Pavement Deformation Detection Technologies using Mobile LiDAR." Andrews worked with Dr. Anurag Pande and Dr. Alizera Shams. This project looked at using a mobile LiDAR system attached to a truck to scan road surfaces and surrounding areas. This data can be used to determine if roads need repairs and how they can be safer. Specifically, this project focuses on how the LiDAR scan compares to a traditional surveying team. The research team wanted to find out if the LiDAR scan is more accurate, faster, and cheaper than a traditional survey.


The image is a rendering of the LiDAR data from Suliman Gargoum and Karim El-Basyouny's research paper "Automated extraction of road features using LiDAR data: A review of LiDAR applications in transportation." This image shows how millions of data points can be used to make an image of the surrounding area. 


Civil engineering senior William Andrews.















The Summer Undergraduate Research Program (SURP) provides research experiences for students to work with faculty. Projects lead to student-faculty authored publications in venues appropriate to the area of research conducted during the summer. SURP invites sponsors to provide university-industry collaborative research and project activities.

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