LabQuest Initiative

Help make our labs the BEST in the nation. Our program has twenty different labs that need to be maintained and updated annually. This is no easy chore. However, with your support, we would make this happen. For a complete description of our labs, please visit our Facilities Page

Student working metal

Student Senior Design Experience

Each year, the department provides culminating senior design experience for nearly 200 students. Directed and monitored by some of the best faculty members in the department and local practicing engineers, this experience prepares our students to hit-the-ground-running upon entering the profession. However, this unique design experience is expensive. We need your support to keep proving this wonderful experience to our students.

Steel bridge team

Faculty Development

Our faculty is dedicated to educate students in the cutting-edge technology. To keep current, our faculty has to constantly upgrade knowledge through professional development. Help us maintain highly qualified faculty that brings the best knowledge to the classroom. For our faculty profiles, please visit our Faculty Page

Wire barrel project

Student Clubs

The Department supports several student clubs and has long recognized the important role that these organizations play in the professional development of young engineers. Each term, these clubs provide numerous professional development opportunities, community service events, and social activities, all of which help to complement the department's formal academic program. Help support these students clubs. For more information, please visit our Clubs Page

Nationals Canoe Team

Discretionary Funds

For a large department like ours, there are bound to be unanticipated needs which can not be supported by state funds. Funds you provide will be used prudently by the department in meeting these needs. Discretionary funds also help the department host alumni and student events throughout the year.

Water filteration group

Please consider supporting the above programs and making a gift.