Getting Into Focus

With just a few clicks, students can accurately measure complex objects and buildings. Thanks to FARO’s donation of their latest FocusS series laser scanner, students will be trained and ready to use these tools when they graduate.

Our department has prioritized advancing construction engineering curriculum as civil engineering students have shown increased interest in entering the construction field. Construction engineering professor Hani Alzraiee created the Advanced Building Information Modeling for Civil Engineering (CE 415) course to prepare students interested in the field. With the donation of the FARO® Focus Laser Scanner, Alzraiee aims to train CE 415 students to use the scanner and analyze the data it collects in the design and construction process. The classes focuses on managing vertical structures, BIM based quantity take-off, clash detection, and 4D modeling.

Senior Raphael Maciel was one of the first students to use the laser scanner,

“Hani got us really excited about the class. When we went  outside actually started using the scanner, it was really interesting and that got me more excited about it.”


FARO’s FocusS series laser scanner has a built-in 8 mega-pixel, HDR-camera that captures detailed imagery easily while providing a natural color overlay to the scan data in extreme lighting conditions. The scanner is  light weight, small and has a 4.5-hour battery runtime per charge making the FocusS Laser Scanner truly mobile for fast, secure and reliable scanning. The point cloud data captured by the scanner can be used with FARO programs or third-party programs like Autodesk.

FARO’s gift has transformed and enhanced our construction engineering curriculum. With industry support, our students will receive the training they need to be successful in their careers.

“I want to thank FARO® for this gift,” Alzraiee said. “I also want to thank them for the training they have provided for me in order to get up to speed with using their tool and their software. As well as the continuous support we are having and their contribution to the classroom.”


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