Student Fee Initiative (SFI) Committee

Your Fees – Your Say

In March of 2002, students in departments across the Cal Poly campus voted to increase their enrollment fees by $200 a quarter in order to enhance their own education. As a result of the Student Fee Initiative (SFI), students in the Civil and Environmental Engineering programs now pay quarterly fees directly into an account within the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. Each year, the Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Fee Committee is charged with apportioning the funds in this account.

SFI funds are used only for instructional purposes. In the past, these funds have been used to purchase and maintain laboratory equipment, increase class availability for CE and ENVE students, support instructionally-related activities and field trips, sponsor student projects, and support conference and competition participation by student groups.

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Student Fee Committee consists of students, faculty, and the Department Chair. Six CE/ENVE students and two CE/ENVE faculty members serve on the Student Fee Committee. Each committee member has voting privileges. The CE/ENVE Department Chair does not have voting privileges, except in the case of a tie. Rules regarding committee membership, elections, and responsibilities are included in the by-laws. College of Engineering guidelines for Student Fee Committees were developed in 2002.

Each quarter CE and ENVE students receive a Call for Proposals via email. All students are encouraged to submit a proposal and particular attention is given to students with financial hardship. Submitted proposals are reviewed by the SFI committee and an informational meeting is conducted prior to granting funding.

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Committee Membership

Student Members

  • Emily Miller (ENVE), Chair
  • Arielle Ellis (ENVE)
  • Avery Lai (CE)
  • Caleb Merriam (ENVE)
  • Elena Szlemp (ENVE)
  • Joseph Seo (ENVE)

Faculty Advisors

  • Misgana Muleta (CE faculty advisor)
  • Rebekah Oulton (ENVE faculty advisor)
  • Charles Chadwell (Department Chair)