Dr. Stefan Talke

This week's spotlight is Dr. Stefan Talke, an associate professor in Civil Engineering at Cal Poly! 

After studying Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and later receiving a Ph.D. on wave and sediment transport processes in the San Francisco Bay, he became a professor, first in Portland and now at Cal Poly. 

His best piece of advice for someone looking to pursue a career in this field is “to treat your job as an avocation, to continue learning, to be conscientious, to help people, and do your best to help solve some of the problems in the world. Everything else will work itself out.” 

His favorite thing about SLO is the location!  Talke shared, “SLO is like California used to be like everywhere--friendly, laid back, wide open, uncrowded, beautiful coasts and nice weather. And, of course, it has a great university!” 

Dr. Talke is pictured above, holding a tide gauge at the Cal Poly pier made by student interns!



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