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Evan Low

Water Resources

Email: eplow@calpoly.edu 


While at Cal Poly I obtained my master's degree in CE/ENVE and taught the CE 337 lab. I started working at my current company while still in grad school and balancing school, work, grading, teaching, and EWB became as daunting of a task as actually doing the work, but I made it through and so will you.

Sports - My two favorites are baseball and football.
Dogs - I've owned multiple dogs throughout my life yet currently don't have one since most landlords don't allow it here in San Luis Obispo.
Vacationing - I've been fortunate to travel many places in the world and currently only have Antarctica and Europe to cross off the list before I can say I've been to every continent.
Desserts - I love cooking but am horrible at baking. Guess that's what happens when you like to eyeball everything as "measuring"... but desserts are a way to my heart.


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