Water Resources Laboratory

Location: 192-136
Facilities: CE 337


The Hydraulics Laboratory is used as a teaching lab for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Current Equipment

The Hydraulics Laboratory is equipped with hydraulic benches which can be used with a variety of modular accessories to instruct students in different aspects of hydraulic theory.

  • Weir Flow Measurement: demonstrates the principles and applications of flow measurement in an open channel.
  • Pipe Flow Measurement: introduces the principles and applications of flow measurement in pipes.
  • Discharge Through an Orifice: uses a small container with a circular orifice at the bottom that discharges material freely into the atmosphere.
  • Rainfall-Runoff Simulation and Hydrograph Model: designed by students as a senior project, it simulates rainfall on a rubble concrete catch basin from which runoff results and a hydrograph is determined.

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