Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

Location: 13-123
Facilities: CE 382, 466 & 467


The Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory is used primarily as a teching laboratory for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Current Equipment

The Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory is equipped with several state-of-the-art instruments that are used to determine the hydraulic and mechanical properties of soils. Equipment is also used to evaluate the engineering characterization of soils and rocks and test for the strength and compressibility of foundations, embankments, and earth retaining structures.

  • Index Property and Soil Classification: Includes sieves and sieve shakers, Atterberg limits equipment, specific gravity equipment, expansion index devices, hydrometers, and relative density
  • Motorized Direct/Residual Shear: Allows for rapid characterization of the shearing behavior of soils
  • Triaxial Test Apparatus: Applies sophisticated boundary conditions to represent accurate stress histories, confining conditions, pore water pressures, and loading conditions for geotechnical construction projects
  • Flexible Wall Permeameter: Used to test low hydraulic conductivity soils under appropriate effective stress conditions

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