Concrete Canoe Endowment

Our concrete canoe team is one of our prized traditions and has been part of student life for over 30 years. Through teamwork, leadership and hard work, the Cal Poly concrete canoe team has placed in the top five in 12 of the last 14 years with 5 national titles. 

In concert with the Cal Poly-hosted Pacific Southwest Regional Conference, we’ve launched the Concrete Canoe Endowment fund to support the team’s successes into the future. All donations will be matched by the Cal Poly Civil and Environmental Engineering Industrial Partnership Program fund through April 5, 2019.

By supporting this endowment, you are sustaining our concrete canoe team’s excellence and building the next generation of engineers.

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National Titles


Team members: Travis Anderson, Kathleen Allwine, Kira Bulger, Kevin Dupuis, Jennifer Totten

Paddling team: James Elsberrys, John Layous, Skye Orvis, Sierra Orvis, Kevin O'Sullivan



Project Manager: Kyle Marshall

Mix Design Captains: Nic Capuchino, Julia Davis, Stefanie Gille
Construction Captains: Yunling Chow, Aaron Goodwin, Andrew Brunton



Project Manager: Chad Inlow

Mix Design Captains: Danielle Steinmetz, Aaron Fortier
Construction Captains: Emilio Rossi, Renee Morales, Erik Biczkow



Project Manager: Erik Bjornstrom

Mix Design Captains: Shane Smith, Krystian Samlik, Gary Gasperi
Construction Captains: Gavin Miller, Jazz Gilbert , Kevin Galloway



Project Manager: Sean Pringle

Mix Design Captains: Chris Kehoe, Ryan Morse, Kristen Nugent 

Construction Captains: Derek Carpenter, Mark Mueller, Raymond Qi



Project Manager: Jessica Leyva

Mix Design Captains: Brandon McCormick, Joshua Core, Julie Hendrick

Construction Captains: Timothy Forrest, Dayna Scott, Brett Diener



Project Manager: Ian Buchanan

Mix Design Captains: Michael McMahon, Jacky Mata, Kyle Aube, Yingyi Xu, Ashley Cruz

Construction Captains: Carson Burand, Dillan Quigley, Brandon Friedman, Jacky Loh, Hailey Bond



Project Manager: Brandon Friedman

Mix Design Captains: Kyle Aube, Yingyi Xu, Mason Breipohl​​​​​​​, Michael Romano

Construction Captains: Hailey Bond, Jacky Loh, Royston Chan, Eleni Korogianos​​​​​​​, Jason Johnson



Project Manager: Mason Breiphol​​​​​​​

Mix Design Captains: Michael Romano, Jerry Ding

Construction Captains: Eleni Korogianos​​​​​​​, Jason Johnson, Jonathan Mahmoud​​​​​​​, Lauren Tigue


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