Dr. Anurag Pande


This week’s spotlight is Dr. Anurag Pande, Professor of Transportation Engineering in the CE/ENVE Department at Cal Poly! 

Dr. Pande received a B.Tech. degree in Civil Engineering in 2002 from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in Mumbai, India. This is where he first developed an interest in Transportation within the Civil Engineering field, completing his senior project in the topic. After graduating, he furthered his education in the United States at the University of Central Florida (UCF) working towards a Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering. He enjoyed his time there and upon earning this degree in 2003, he pursued a Ph.D. in the same area of Transportation Engineering, also at UCF. 

While at UCF, Dr. Pande began to discover his love and skill for teaching. When his academic advisor was traveling, he taught his classes for him. He enjoyed interacting with the students and facilitating class discussion, in addition to having a wide reach with his instruction. The course was taught in a hybrid format, with students in a physical classroom and others from around the globe watching the recorded lectures. He found teaching a compelling career, as he saw how much this position could impact and shape students’ own career journeys. 

In 2008, he joined Cal Poly as an Assistant Professor in CIvil Engineering, becoming an Associate Professor in 2014 and Professor in 2019. In the past 14 years Dr. Pande has made a significant impact on students in the CE/ENVE department and Cal Poly at large. He continues to lead a variety of research projects, working with students and giving them first hand experience in the Transportation field. One project (of many) he is currently working with students on deals with traffic congestion in Pismo Beach. They are using the Advanced Transportation Laboratory on campus to experiment and devise solutions for this local issue. Over the course of his time at Cal Poly, Dr. Pande has worked with over 70 students, helping advance their careers and discover their personal interests in Civil Engineering. 

Dr. Pande is also the Faculty Liaison for service-learning for Cal Poly. He has led the program since 2014 in collaboration with the Center for Service in Action (CSA in Student Affairs). As part of the SL program, he works with campus-wide faculty, supporting them through the process of designing Service-Learning courses that involve both action and reflection of students. In these courses, students work on projects important to the local community and in the process gain a deeper understanding of the course material and larger societal issues. Dr. Pande’s leadership and involvement in this program has contributed to encouraging a life-long appreciation for community service, diversity, and inclusivity among Cal Poly students. 

Outside of Cal Poly, Dr. Pande enjoys all the wonderful activities San Luis Obispo has to offer. Specifically, he is an avid biker, noting the increased protection bikers have been provided in the town throughout the years. He also appreciates the many opportunities for hiking in the area. Dr. Pande seeks to remind students how important exercise is for not only physical, but mental health and the impact it has on increasing focus in other areas of life, such as academics. 

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