CE/ENVE Department starts a fundraising campaign to upgrade the Concrete Canoe Shed

The Industrial Affiliates Program has been retooled and is being launched this week in an effort to raise funds for expanding the current Concrete Canoe shed to include a dedicated student meeting space.   


Department lab

The goal of the Industrial Affiliates Program is to create a consistent source of company sponsorship to help support student success.  The center of our campaign as we start our new program is the Concrete Canoe work shed.  The Canoe folks have outgrown their current space and are looking to expand into the space next door.   

Currently, the space is split between Mechanical Engineering (where it is used as storage) and the Concrete Canoe workshop where all the magic happens.  If we can raise enough money to renovate the current ME space, we can not only expand the shop but we can create a dedicated student meeting space in the center of all the CE/ENVE action - right next to Building 13 

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