Blended BS + MS CE & ENVE

The blended program provides motivated students with an accelerated route to an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering, with the simultaneous conferring of both bachelor's and master's degrees. Students in the blended program are provided with a seamless process whereby they can progress from undergraduate to graduate status. Students are required to complete all requirements for both degrees, including a senior project for the Bachelor’s degree and the Master's thesis.

How to Apply

  • Complete our online application which includes:
    • Unofficial transcripts
    • Statement of purpose
    • 3 letters of recommendation, including one from your intended research advisor 


  • Friday of 1st week in the quarter before you want to be in the system (e.g. if you are graduating in Spring then the end of 1st week of Winter is your deadline). 

Admission Requirements

Applicants need to:

  • Be pursuing a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cal Poly.
  • Have a GPA > 3.0 in the last 90 units to be considered.
  • Have worked out a research plan with a faculty member in the Department prior to applying.
  • Be within 2 to 3 quarters of graduating.
  • All lower-division coursework (including lower division GEs and American Institution courses), as well as the GWR, must be completed prior to acceptance to the BMS program.

Note that indicated pre-requisites and terms offered may have changed since these advising sheets were developed. Please consult that Cal Poly catalog for the most current information regarding course requirements and availability.

Contact Information

Questions should be directed to the Graduate Program Coordinator, Rebekah Oulton (


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