Blended BS + MS CE & ENVE

General Characteristics

The blended program provides motivated students with an accelerated route to an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering, with simultaneous conferring of both bachelor's and master's degrees. Students in the blended program are provided with a seamless process whereby they can progress from undergraduate to graduate status.


Students majoring in BS Civil Engineering or BS Environmental Engineering may be eligible to pursue the blended program toward an MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering after completing all required suppose and CE/ENVE 300-level classes. Participation in the program is based on prior academic performance and other measures of professional promise, with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Please see the CE/ENVE Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Bing Qu, for additional eligibility criteria.

Programs of Study

Students originating in the BS Civil and Environmental Engineering programs are required to take Senior Design I and II (CE 466/467 or ENVE 466/467) and complete nine units of thesis (CE 599 or ENVE 599).

The blended program allows students to earn graduate credit for several of their senior electives, effectively decreasing the summed unit requirements for both degrees. A maximum of nine units can be shared between the B.S. and M.S. program requirements. Students in the blended program are required to complete a thesis. 

Details of the program can be found in the Cal Poly Catalog

List of Graduate Courses by Area of Emphasis (for CE)

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