Hal Cota Endowed Air Pollution Laboratory

Honoring Dr. Hal Cota’s contributions to the Environmental Engineering Program

Hal Cota in Air Lab 2017

Dr. Harold (Hal) Cota, helped found the Environmental Engineering Program at Cal Poly, SLO in 1968. During the 50 years that followed, he has been a valuable contributor and supporter of this program. We are delighted to honor Dr. Cota’s contributions to the program by establishing an endowment to support the Air Quality Measurements Lab to continue to provide students with high quality laboratory opportunities. In honor of Dr. Cota, we would like to name this lab the “Hal Cota Air Pollution Control Lab” and use the endowment to provide much need upgrades to the lab equipment.

For a historical walk down the ENVE memory lane, click here for the highlights of Dr. Cota's contributions to make the ENVE Program what it is today.

 Hal Cota Lab Fundraising


“I donated to the Hal Cota Air Pollution Control Lab endowment to honor all the great contributions Hal has made to our program and because the equipment in the lab is getting really old and I would love it if our students could be trained with modern equipment the lab ….”

-Dr. Yarrow Nelson, ENVE Faculty