Alumni Spotlight: Lizzie Wiley

Michael Goymerac

Lizzie Wiley graduated from Cal Poly in 2018 with a BS in Environmental Engineering. She then went on to graduate with her master’s in Civil & Environmental Engineering the next year also at Cal Poly. She currently works as an Assistant Engineer at Water Systems Consulting (WSC) in Orange County, CA.

Lizzie draws from her growing experience in water reuse to assist in the design of water and wastewater treatment plants including water reuse systems, as well as the preparation of Urban Water Management Plans, Integrated Regional Water Management Plans, and Risk and Resilience Assessments. This work has taught her a great deal about the operation of water districts and the planning that is involved in ensuring sufficient supply to meet demand. She also supports construction services for various types of projects. She draws inspiration from advancements in water treatment innovation and the idea that everyone can have access to reliable, clean water without harming the environment.

While at Cal Poly, Lizzie was involved in the Society of Environmental Engineers, CP Ski Club and played Club Water Polo. She is also grateful for the many hands-on projects integrated into the ENVE program that prepared her the most for the work she does as an environmental engineer.

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