Alumni Spotlight: Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams graduated from Cal Poly in 2019 with a BS in Civil Engineering. After completing his degree, Kevin took some time to travel before starting a full-time position in the engineering field. He currently works as an Assistant Engineer for Quincy Engineering in Rancho Cordova, California.

For the past year and a half, Kevin has gained experience through a variety of projects with Quincy Engineering. His work mostly consists of roadway geometric design, utility coordination, drainage design, and report writing. He also prepares design plans and develops construction cost estimates for various project phases.

In his work, Kevin is grateful to have found a place where he can not only be involved in a variety of projects, but also belong to a collaborative and uniquely close-knit professional community. This collaborative environment extends beyond the internal office into his work with clients and project partners. He finds enjoyment in the teamwork required for large projects, some even throughout San Luis Obispo county. These local projects give him a chance to see familiar faces and recall memories from his time at Cal Poly such as intramural sports activities, Old West Cinnamon Rolls on a sunny Pismo morning, sports games after studying for 9 hours straight, and adventures up Prefumo Canyon.

Kevin has also had the opportunity to collaborate on some large-scale projects like designing the Atwater-Merced Expressway in Merced County. This work will aid in the transport of goods and local traffic in the area. Developing these meaningful professional relationships through projects like these is part of what makes his job so rewarding. In the future, Kevin looks forward to finishing the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam after having successfully passed the first portion, in addition to aiding in the design of future projects. 

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