Two excellent ways to partner with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering are through the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) and the Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP). Members of the IAB meet with Cal Poly faculty and staff twice a year to advise the department on the curricula of the CE and ENVE Programs and help with fundraising and student mentoring. The IAP is a broader group of corporate and individual sponsors, which is described below.

Industrial Affiliates Program (IAP)

The purpose of the IAP is to forge partnerships between the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and industry. We seek synergy between our educational/research goals and your corporate objectives of:

  • Student Recruitment
  • Increased visibility for your firm on campus

Student access and visibility will be provided by:

  • Arranging meetings between member companies with faculty and students of choice
  • Arranging technical seminars delivered by staff from IAP member companies
  • Providing admission to technical forums and seminars on campus
  • Organizing a company day on campus with opportunity to meet faculty and students
  • Providing opportunities to sponsor research programs, summer internships, undergraduate and graduate projects

There are many ways to support the CE/ENVE Department through the IAP - through membership as an industrial affiliate, and through naming opportunities, as described below.


Industrial Affiliate Membership ($500, $1,000 or $2,500)

Members will be featured on the Department website with a link to their company website.  Three levels of Industrial Affiliate memberships are available with varying benefits. To become a member of the Industrial Affiliate Program please complete the attached application.

Member Benefits
  Bronze $500 Silver $1,000 Gold 2,500
Listing on Online Industrial Affiliate Program List Ok check mark Ok check mark Ok check mark
Access to Department Newsletter Ok check mark Ok check mark Ok check mark
Access to Department Research Reports Ok check mark Ok check mark Ok check mark
Career Opportunities Posting on Department Bulletin Board Ok check mark Ok check mark Ok check mark
Participation in "SCE/SENVE" Career Fair   Ok check mark
(50% Discount)
Ok check mark
(Free of Charge)
Individualized Information Session for Students     Ok check mark
Assigned Faculty Liaison     Ok check mark


Lab Naming Opportunities ($5,000 per year for 3 years minimum)

Our CE/ENVE labs are essential for teaching students through Cal Poly’s "Learn by Doing" strategy. Instrumentation and other equipment, as well as maintenance of these labs, is costly. Your company can convey an enduring appreciation for our program with a name-based sponsorship, with prominent signage to identify the donor supporting the lab. A lab can be named for a minimum three-year commitment with a donation of $5,000 per year.

Student Club Room Naming Opportunity ($100,000)

Another naming opportunity is for the student club room in Building 13, Room 118. This prominent room is often referred to as the "trophy room" because this is where the CE and ENVE clubs display their many awards and trophies. Recently the fire department placed a capacity limit of 48 on this room, effectively barring students from holding club meetings there, and severely limiting our ability to offer larger class sections. The cost to renovate this room for a capacity of 100 students is estimated to be $100,000. This would be a fantastic naming opportunity because it would again be the meeting place of all the student clubs, and has always been a home base for CE/ENVE students.

For further information, please contact Dr. Yarrow Nelson, Chair of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, by phone at (805) 756-6224 or by email at