Congratulations Dr. Wang

Dr. Long Wang, an Assistant Professor in Structural Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering was recently awarded a research grant from the National Science Foundation! His research lies at the intersection of structural engineering, material science, and data analytics. In particular, he is interested in developing nanomaterial-based sensing systems and data analytical techniques for assessing structural performance and human health. Polymer nanocomposites are emerging multifunctional electronic components that provide novel opportunities for advancing various applications, such as structural health monitoring, healthcare, and robotics. 

Through this research, Dr. Wang plans to construct an innovative design strategy to engineer the electrical properties of nanocomposites via designing the mechanical structures of these materials. Moreover, he hopes to provide more hands-on research opportunities to engage underrepresented students in this field. With such a multidisciplinary project, students will have the unique opportunity to collaborate with their peers from different backgrounds. Within the department, Dr. Wang looks forward to increasing the visibility of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department by bridging collaborations with other departments. 

Although the process of applying for this research grant demanded extra working hours, it reinforced Dr. Wang’s belief in the importance of continued learning and research: 

“The industry and the technology are developing very rapidly. I believe all of us need to continue learning to remain competitive in the future workplace. I am also passionate about training my students on emerging technologies that will potentially transform industrial standards so that my students will lead those transformations and become future leaders.”


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